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Affordable, sleek web design

Web design available from scratch or revamp what you already have.

Clean, Modern Web Design

First impressions last, stylish, affordable web design that communicates the key points of your business to your site visitors

Drive New Business Through SEO Best Practices

We will ensure your website is set up to maximise your web presence through SEO best practices.


Move some or all of your payments online which can expand your business and free up time for other activities.

Ongoing Maintenance

We can do ongoing website maintenance for 3 hours a month at a discounted rate of €50 instead of €60.

This is enough time to make sure all plugins are updated, backups are correct, make small text changes, clear spam comments and any other tasks that crop up. Offer only available to our web design customers.

Online Security

State-of-the-art online security best practices and regular backups so you don’t need to worry about website security.



How does it work?

Quick 4-step overview of the entire process. See below for more details and FAQs.

1. Meeting and Design

We meet with you to go through your needs and decide on the best build for you.

2. Build

We will build the website as agreed on a temporary staging area.

3. Launch

Make any changes you require before final sign off. Then we launch the website on your domain and your site is live.

4. Maintenance

We will maintain the website for 30 days making any changes you require and fixing any issues should they arise.


Significant discounts available with our introductory offers. A standard static website promoting your business to your target audience available from only €799.

A full web store with products added and automatic online payments to your business banking account for only €999.


From €799
  • Up to 6 Pages
  • Social Media Added
  • Full SSL and backups
  • Web Security
  • Company Email Address
  • Analytics/Tracking


From €999
  • Basic Package Plus:
  • Web Store
  • Online Payments
  • Full SEO Optimisation

In-depth Guide

You have decided to take the plunge, great! Here are more details on the process and some items for your to-do list and to-think-about list.

Perhaps the first step you should take is to research the “Trading Online Voucher Scheme” through your local enterprise office.

You may qualify for this grant which is 50% of total spend up to a maximum of €2,500 reimbursement.

First we will meet to discuss your needs.  You can check out some of the available Elementor libraries here. Some are free, some are not. Their default theme is  lightweight and customisable.

The best advice overall is to not reinvent the wheel.

Take note of design elements or entire websites you like or don’t like. We will do our best to recreate what you want.

The first thing you will need to do is buy separate hosting, we can advise you on low cost, reliable options for this.

It means that you retain full control of your website and are not locked into our services.

You can provide us with all the design files for your logos you have.

If you require logos we can show you simple low cost online solutions or recommend a designer we have previously used and are happy with.

The colours used in your logo will probably be prominent on your site.

Perhaps this is surprisingly time consuming! We can add placeholder text describing the gist of your service or products, or else we will add the old reliable “Lorem ipsum” text.

If you already have marketing literature then we can reduce our time spent on it by reusing and recycling that.

We know that you may go through many changes and drafts before arriving at text you are happy with, especially if starting from scratch.

It is also important to decide on font styles now to ensure a smooth delivery time.

We can set up a web store and online payments through Stripe, and Paypal if required.

WooCommerce is a good choice for a smaller store with just a few products. If your aim is topple Amazon then something like Shopify is better.

We will provide SEO best practices and set up your analytics services so you can track your visitors’ behaviour.

We will also add a privacy policy, about page and other essential elements for SEO.

We will set you up with SSL certification to make your site trustworthy and safe. Free options are available but it is better to spend approx €20 per year for a more reputable certificate.

Much like not leaving your front door wide open when you go on holiday, some small common sense steps can go a long way to keeping your website secure.

We will set up regular automatic backups, as well as monitoring to alert you to any issues.

A clear cookie and GDPR policy is also essential.

Once you are happy with the site we have built on a staging site, we will then copy the site across to your domain and your site is now live!

Feel free to let us know of any tweaks you would like to make for the first 30 days the site is live.

We can also iron out any issues and make sure the site functions correctly and backups are being taken regularly.

Naturally we will try and complete your site as soon as possible, a good ballpark figure is 6-8 weeks depending on complexity.

Your website should run smoothly. Almost all of the time. We will set up monitoring that can alert you to problems.

Your website may go down completely, and while this looks serious, most of the time there is a simple solution and you can hire us to fix it.

Usually it is a plugin that provides functionality or service on your website updates, and this causes a conflict that crashes your site.

Most problems like these are fixed in 1-2 hours. For anything more serious the easiest and quickest solution is to restore the site using a backup, which again might only take a total of 2-4 hours.

These will cover 98% of problems the average website owner will face.

It’s like your car, you might need to bring it into a mechanic every year or 2, but it could be once every 4 years, or for some reason it seems like every few months something breaks.

Does All This Sound Good?

Let’s get the ball rolling, get in touch with us today.